Friday, June 3, 2011

Finishing Well

Summer has officially arrived at the Jerome household. School is finished and preparations are being made to make our annual trek to Iowa. I wanted to pause a moment and reflect upon the past year of homeschooling for us. As I took pictures this past week of our everyday, "normal" activities, I was struck at how this second year of schooling at home just felt so natural to us. The kids enjoyed it and it fit our lifestyle so well. We are thankful for all the memories that we made together this year. So, for us to remember and to share with we are during a school day.....above, Alec playing Zoodles on our home computer.....
and Evan completing a Calvert on-line computer lesson (notice his "Redwall" book nearby - he is really into that series right now).
Our workbox system went very smoothly this year......
Ann-Marie's and Alec's
Alec's calendar and theme for the week.......
The children choose where they will do their independent work, so Ann-Marie did hers close to the butterfly house and was rewarded by getting to see one emerge from the chrysalis.
Evan is a voracious reader and he really enjoyed "Island of the Blue Dolphins" as part of his fourth grade curriculum. Comet obviously enjoyed it also.
Just to show you I'm really not as organized as you think.....the school room table often looks like this!
To end, my little gardener potting her plants....she has a green thumb, I do not. In Ann-Marie's words as we were buying her flowers, "Mom, don't touch anything because they will die!"

So now onto summer.....camps and swimming and unstructured time.....we are ready for you!

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