Saturday, October 11, 2008

busy day

I don't want to forget what busy means during this season of life. I think "busy" means something different, depending on where you are at in life. Our family has recently moved from the infant/toddler busy stage, to school-age/activity driven stage. Both very busy, but in different ways. Today was a little busier than usual, but so much fun that I wanted to save the memories right away. We won't be in this stage forever!
This morning, Darrell had to work and I had heard of a church in Cranberry, PA that puts on a one-day full-size Candyland display. I thought that this might be the last year that Evan would even be a little excited to go, so we got out of the house earlier than usual to visit it. We called my sister-in-law, JoAnne, to come meet us there as it was close to her house. We had such a good time...I was very impressed by the quality of the set and the amount of thought they put into the activity. The kids were the play pieces and actually "played" a life-size Candyland game (and received a TON of candy).
Then it was onto soccer. I did something today that I always said I wouldn't do.....Evan had to change his clothes in the car on the way to soccer! Don't worry, he didn't have to even take off his seatbelt....he is that talented! We made it to his soccer game and Alec even got a car nap!
Then onto a planned event at Woodward's Orchard. It's a good thing it is close to where Evan plays soccer because the soccer game went late so we were very, very late. We still got to do a hayride and walk through the cornmaze. It was the perfect Autumn day today!
So I think tonight, bedtime for children and adults will be early....we are beat! But this is a snapshot of what "busy day" means for the Jerome family this year.


Linda said...

Wow, that Candy Land game looks like a blast. I know my kids would have loved it!!
Isn't it great running the kids to all the different events! It only gets more crazy!!
Miss you!!!

Denise said...

Wow! What a FABULOUS day! What a fun Mom! You are so right...every stage in life is busy in it's own way isn't it? Glad you had a fabulous 'family' day!