Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday 10

I feel "challenged" by a precious friend, April, to participate in Tuesday 10 today. So here's 10 things you are hearing in our house lately:

1. Yes, Alec; Yes, Alec; Yes, Alec (this is said by mostly me, but also Darrell about 100 times a day since Alec has discovered he LOVES to talk but he NEEDS to be heard!)

2. What are you doing today? (most usually asked to Darrell by me as I have a hard time keeping up with his ever changing schedule)

3. Do you have everything in your backpack? (asked by the parent in charge of getting the two school-agers out of the door in the morning)

4. What should I pack for snack/lunch today? (see above)

5. Can I play the Wii? (obviously asked by Evan)

6. Nose! Daddy does faster! (This is a bedtime ritual with Alec - we rub noses after the hugs and kisses and he claims Daddy rubs his nose faster!)

7. Here's a pancake puff for you! (Usually the last thing Ann-Marie says to us before she goes to sleep - this comes from staying with Grandpa Shippy and Amma in Iowa in June where she saw the infomercial for pancakes puffs on their cartoon network station).

8. Can I wear my superhero outfit? Pease (please) mommy, peeeeeeeeease!!!!!! (Continually said by Alec since we bought him his Mr. Incredibles outfit last week.)

9. Let's play two truths and a lie! (Always asked by Evan or Ann-Marie at dinner - this is a game we came up with that helps them open up about their day in a fun way at dinner).

10. Do you know how much I love you? (Said multiple times a day in many forms by both parents to all three children.)

Thanks, April, for the idea....I don't think I've ever written down any of our family sayings so I've forgotten a lot of them over the years. So I'm extending the challenge: what's your family's top ten sayings?

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