Wednesday, October 8, 2008


We bought a Wii today....I can hear the kids and Darrell giggling as they try it out as I type. This was a 10 month process....yes, 10 months! Rewind to last January; Evan had just gone back to first grade after the Christmas holiday. His class had a class show and tell of the Christmas presents that they had received. Evan came home really angry and convinced that he was the only kid that didn't have a Wii. After we addressed his negative attitude, we problem-solved with Evan about how we could buy a Wii. He agreed to save his allowance and we would match what he saved. So, he had to save up for half of a Wii. He met his goal last week and Darrell found a place today that had them in stock! This was a wonderful learning experience for Evan and I'm so proud of him for sticking with it. Great job Evan!!!!! Now I'm going to go play!


April Emery said...

oh paula, you guys are going to LOVE the Wii!!!! i think you and darrell will love it more than evan, seriously. we have one and have had so many fun times with it. hey ... we should do a Wii night sometime! we have two controllers. let me know how you like the Wii sports.

paula, i have thought this a lot lately but am just getting to say it but you and darrell are just amazing in my eyes. you have such a love for the Lord and each other ... AND your kids ... you teach them creatively about life and responsibility ... I really look up to you for that. especially after spending a few days with you in Texas, I am even more fond of you than before. God is just oozing out of you girl.

Love ya and thanks for the clothes!

Soppe's said...

Wow, Evan!! You should feel special that you have a Wii now...I don't! :) When you come back to visit Iowa next time you'll have to bring it and show me what you've learned!

Linda said...

You should be very proud of him!! That was a long time to save up and wait. He did awesome! You'll have a lot of fun with the WII. Our kids love it!