Thursday, October 16, 2008

Girls' night in

It's a rare evening that Ann-Marie and I are home together ALONE (without boys in the house), but she stayed home from school sick so she couldn't participate in regularly scheduled Thursday night Jerome family activities (soccer and small group). So we decided a Girls' night in was in order. This always involves her getting to use her "play" make-up, which she applies herself. (Daddy has to be gone when this happens because he has a slight heart attack when he sees Ann-Marie with make-up on!) Then we do a tea party (this can never be done with the boys at home as they proclaim war on any "girlie" activities.) Then a lovely bubble bath for her and any dolls that might need relaxation or cleaning (the bath is also to wash off the make-up before Daddy gets home!)

The other activity planned for us this evening was working on Ann-Marie's Fall Festival costume. She is going to be a pink poodle this year, which involves the deconstructing of lots of pink bath poofs. I have fond memories of my mom making our Halloween costumes every year, so it's fun for me to work on Ann-Marie's costume with her. Both boys want to be superheroes, which were cheaper and easier to get from the store. So that's our girls' night in....maybe I'll go and have a real cup of tea now!

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