Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The confession of Lazy Parents

Here it is....drum roll please.....the confession that Alec just gave up his papi (code word: pacifier) on Monday night! Yes, I know, he's three (a very new three though!) but you have to hear our side of the story before you judge us too harshly. Here are our excuses (you can validate them or not):

1. Alec is child number three and we're getting old! (and lazy)
2. Alec has ALWAYS been a lousy sleeper, starting with tummy troubles as an infant (colic????) which has conditioned him to have interrupted sleep (can anyone say 4 a.m. visits to Mommy and Daddy's bedroom?????)
3. Whenever Darrell and I discussed taking away the papi, one or the other would get a wild, panic look in his/her eyes and say, "but I NEED my sleep tonight" so it just wouldn't happen.
4. We also moved twice in Alec's life and just didn't want to interrupt the momentum.

So back to Monday night, Darrell could not find the one and only papi we still had left in the house. After much time tearing the house apart we looked at one another and said, "It's time he went 'cold turkey'". AND HE DID FINE!!!!!! He hasn't even asked for it! Now that's something to be thankful for. Now if he would only poop in the potty..............


ANITA said...

I was just "scolded" at Lily's 2 year appointment about how she still uses a pacifier. He didn't seem to hear me when I said that she's down to needing it just to go to sleep. Come on! Isn't that is a major step in the right direction?!

Yeah to Alec! Yeah to you guys for being such loving parents and allowing him to be comfortable with papi as long as he needed :)

Stephanie said...

No judgments here...I am older than you and feeling it!