Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Snow in mid-November!

Yes, it's true! My sister in Iowa confirmed that we have more snow here in western PA than the true midwest! It started flurrying on and off Sunday and hasn't truly stopped since. Nothing was really sticking (see picture above from yesterday) but we woke up this morning and the ground is covered! Plus, it's been basically snowing all day. The "weather people" here blame it on "lake effect" snow....storms that come off of Lake Erie. Who knew????? Stay tuned, maybe we'll have some fun late Fall snow pictures to post later today.
I was going to post this separately, but I'm being lazy today so I will title this middle section "When Mom's away, the kids will play!" While I was out running errands last weekend, Darrell let the kids roll the last of our (moldy!) pumpkins down the hill. (Don't worry, Darrell was at the bottom making sure no bodies were following the pumpkins.)
And finally, Alec's third birthday is this weekend so I've been teaching him how to hold up three fingers to tell people how old he is. He finally got it, so here's the picture!

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Stephanie said...

Wow I had forgotten that Alec was a November birthday too...but now the many conversations are coming back...I cannot believe he will be 3!!! Happy birthday from all of us to him!