Thursday, November 13, 2008

A peek into Evan's mind

This morning before school, the kids were playing "Ben Roethlisberger" in the living room (sorry to my midwest kids think they were all born and bred Steelers fans). Someone scored a "touchdown" and I heard Ann-Marie ask Evan what a touchdown was. Here is Evan's response in his own writing (I had to have him write it down for me):

"It is called a touchdown because you half (have) to touch were (where) you get a score and a lot of times people would be down if it wasn't their (there)."

Yes, I had to ask for an explanation also. Here is his explanation: You have to touch the end zone for the touchdown, so that's part one. Part two is that often, when players make a touchdown, they are getting tackled or jump really high and fall down, so even if they didn't land in the end zone, they would still be down.

Makes sense to me!

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