Friday, November 21, 2008

More snow and preparations

Well, here are more snow pictures from this week. As you can tell, there are no children in these shots. That's because Darrell and I got the stomach virus at the same time! So it's been snowing on and off since Sunday, and Darrell and I have been sick. The children seem fine and have been happy....we've played lots of board games and have read lots and lots of books, so they are content for now. But the snow is not stopping!
And below is Alec helping me clean for his birthday party tomorrow. He thinks it is cool to use an old toothbrush to help me clean the floor. What fun! He has, in the past, understood not to put the toothbrush in his mouth, but he's recently been on a "testing the boundaries kick" and I caught him with it in his mouth today! I don't think Murphy's oil is too toxic...he's still running around with lots of energy!

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