Sunday, January 4, 2009

Making a Christmas wish come true

Be careful what you ask for; it may very well come true! My dad in Iowa learned that lesson this Christmas. When he was out visiting my sister in Colorado after she had her second baby in the fall, he was asked what he wanted for Christmas. He replied, "For all three of my girls and their families to be at one place at one time." Well, we made that happen for him as a Christmas surprise! The day after Christmas my family in PA climbed on an airplane at 6 a.m.; were delayed a little in Chicago for some ice issues: landed in Moline, IL and picked up our rental car; met my sister and her family at the I-80 truck stop in Iowa; met my other sister and her family in Independence, IA at Wal-mart; battled fog for the remainder of the 3o minute drive; convened in the Fun Factory restaurant in Hawkeye and successfully surprised my dad after my step-mom convinced him he needed to go to that restaurant! So he walked into a room full of my family from PA, my next younger sister and her family from Belle Plaine, Iowa, and my youngest sister and her family from Colorado Springs, Colorado. HE HAD NO IDEA!!!!!!!

Meeting the newest member of the family, Nathan!Waiting to surprise Grandpa......
and there he is! Not a great shot but the look on his face was priceless!

And thanks to my step-mom's hard work and planning on her side, this all worked out successfully! Thanks Mary!

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