Sunday, January 4, 2009

My New Year's prayer for you

I have posted a lot of pictures of this past week, mostly for me to remember this time, but also to share with you my hope for my family and friends this year. This Christmas surprise was the best gift my sisters and I could have ever gotten my Dad. It is a gift of love and forgiveness and renewal of relationships. It is a confirmation of how God uses brokenness to make beautiful new beginnings. It is proof that pain and loss can bloom into fullness of love. It is my hope that for those of you who know our family story, that you can believe that God is using whatever brokenness that is in your life for future good. I could have never looked forward ten years ago and believed that I would have gone to such lengths to show my love for my dad. But at this time in my life, that is one of the desires of my heart; to not only encourage a loving relationship between my dad and myself, but also to allow my children to create special memories with their Grandpa and Amma.

So, my prayer to you is to concentrate on those gifts this year that will be most meaningful....relationships, time, experiences....for you and your family and those you love. Try putting aside the differences, the past pains and allow God to form a new reality in your family and your relationships this year. You may be surprised at what happens..........

Happy New Year!

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sheila said...

Great pictures and post! We miss you already!

the aichele's