Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Getaway

This weekend we headed over to Maryland to our wonderful family friends' house to celebrate their second child's 5th birthday. It was a welcome relief to get away and relax. We've had a month of Darrell's new office opening in Beaver and the start of me teaching fitness classes at the new gym in town. This weekend was the only open weekend until June as we now will transition into soccer season with Saturday games. So instead of working on home projects we decided it would best suite our sanity to head east. Here are the highlights:

Above, Ann-Marie with her best friend, Bekah, searching the silt for fossils. Below, Darrell and Jessica help Elijah and Alec find their fossils.
Below: pizza delivery....nothing beats homemade!

Above: proud mom delivers excellent homemade and hand decorated volcano cake to pleased new five year old.
And to end, this is what happens at the end of the party. Two pooped preschoolers! Thanks for the wonderful weekend!

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The Shullenbargers said...

I just saw this. Ah, it's nice to be able to freeze moments in time. I used to hate having my picture taken but looking back now I feel like it was a selfish move esp after trying to gather pics of my Mom. Anyway, we were so blessed to have ALL of you down. Wouldn't trade it for the world.