Monday, May 4, 2009

Current truths in the Jerome household

A couple of things to get you smiling this Monday morning:

  • Buying your 8 year old son "The Dangerous Book for Boys" WILL result in approximately 50 paper airplanes scattered throughout the house as well as in the air at various times.
  • Leaving your 3 1/2 year old son alone too long in the bath results in him using the toilet brush as a bath toy.
  • Playing the "grocery game" for a certain length of time will result in 10 different bottles of lotion we will never use only uncovered because I got the Spring Cleaning Fever and organized the closets.
  • Convincing your 6 year old daughter that it would be in her best interest to give the surplus of toys she has accumulated by Spring Cleaning (note above Spring Cleaning Fever) to a girl who doesn't have many toys means being true to your word and finding that girl (don't worry, I'm on it!)
  • And lastly, sometimes it's all about enjoying the ride!

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