Sunday, April 26, 2009

All Evan

Evan - Age 8.....a curious age; one moment showing us glimpses into the future, next moment we see glimpses from the past. He's growing so fast, this little man of ours. The boy who looks so much like my side of the family, has typical first-born tendencies, and a very analytical mind trying to find his place in the newness of "tween-hood". I really don't like the term "tween" but certain days with Evan make me understand why people use it.
Evan loves FOOTBALL (only the Steelers please), soccer, learning lots of facts, sharing his facts with anyone who will listen, talking, math, science, reading books and animals (still dinosaurs, but has been broadening his interests). Evan doesn't like macaroni and cheese, NOT being listened to, peanut butter and jelly, and being singled out in a crowd (unless it was his idea).
And thankfully, the only thing that Evan struggles with health-wise is his allergies (see above picture). This is a picture from last night. We went to Darrell's Aunt Helen's farm to visit and the kids LOVE playing in the old corn and getting corn cobs to feed the horse and sheep. Evan is highly allergic to the mold in corn cobs and that is what it does to him. Benedryl, a cold shower, and a full night's sleep fixed the problem.


April Emery said...

bless his poor heart. such a pitiful face. i hope he is feeling better today. allergies are NO fun.

ANITA said...

Oh my! I will remember this face everytime I have problems with my allergies! If he can deal... I can deal!!