Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ann-Marie's early birthday party

We held Ann-Marie's birthday party on Friday night because it was the night of the "Go Fish" concert at our church. The theme: Rock go along with going to the concert afterwards. Ann-Marie's actual birthday is April 27th, but it was appropriate to hold it early, since she was due on April 16th! Above, the preparations....we have a tradition now that we make the cakes at home and Ann-Marie loves to help. We had to mix the colors for the frosting just right to get it to look good. A guitar cake for my new 6 year old!

Our guests....our close family friends from Maryland and Ann-Marie's best Pennsylvania friend, Lizzie; with our kids, it brought the total to seven children, ages 3 to 8. We started with an arts and craft project of electric guitars (being creatively challenged, they turned into bass guitars, if you want to want to be exact.)
Then onto Karaoke....all the kids got a chance at singing with Ann-Marie.
Food was, baby carrots, pretzels and cake.....pleasing to everyone. And thanks to our friend, Chris (unofficially dubbed birthday pizza guy), the pizzas were ready on time! Darrell had volunteered at the church to be the "Go Fish" guys driver, which entailed more time than we had I thank God for good friends who stepped in and helped me out!

I found a sparkler number six candle, which seemed like a good idea at the time, but once it was lit it took a LONG time to sparkle out and caused lots of smoke....the evidence is in the pictures.

After cake and presents, it was concert time! Driver Daddy got to sit with us during the concert and we all had a great time!!!!! This will definitely be a memorable birthday for Ann-Marie. Stay tuned, only a little over a week until the official birthday (it will be much tamer than her party!)


Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Ann Marie!!! Thanks for having Lizzie over to celebrate, she had a great time!! So glad they and we are friends!! And you both did a great job on the cake and are such an inspiration to me!!!

Linda said...

Wow! Great job with the cake! Looks like she had a great party!