Thursday, April 2, 2009

An update on Alec....

I haven't been posting much due to dealing with Alec's illness and lack of sleep (loss of thinking power makes for a blog that won't make sense!) So here's an update on where we are at with Alec:

Alec is going on six weeks of having a double ear infection. (Note, it's almost been exactly a year since Ann-Marie got tubes in both of her ears). The dr. told me today that every time Alec has been to the dr. since last January (that's January 2008) Alec's ears have been infected. Time to do something! We have a referral to the ENT dr. that Ann-Marie sees so hopefully we can get in soon to be seen.

On another note, Alec's cough and breathing has been a little concerning.....When he was seen yesterday by the dr. they not only gave him a breathing treatment and sent the nebulizer home with us again, but poor Alec also got two injections of antibiotic since he is allergic to pennicillan and the strongest oral medication was doing nothing to clear him up. We had a long night again last night with coughing fits and a middle-of-the-night breathing treatment, but his lungs sound better today and his blood oxygen level is higher. The doctor has the same thought that I have....Alec probably has allergies so we're trying out allergy medication.

I've always said Alec is a combination of Evan and we have some proof. Evan has seasonal allergies but never ear infections. Ann-Marie battled with ear infections but has not shown any signs of seasonal allergies. And Alec has both! We do, however, feel very blessed as these things are minor and controllable....all in all our children are very healthy.

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