Monday, April 27, 2009

Ann-Marie's 6th Birthday

Our little girl is six! The baby who was born almost two weeks late, but in God's perfect timing, on the birthday of Darrell's deceased brother's birthday. This is especially special for Darrell's dad, who has a happy event to celebrate on a sad memory day. We had Ann-Marie's birthday dinner on Sunday night and Pap came over. The menu, picked out by Ann-Marie, was spaghetti and meatballs, corn, and ice cream with sprinkles for dessert. She chose to open the presents from my side of the family, and enjoyed some things for her karoke machine, accessories for her EZ bake oven, and a Laura Ingalls Wilder craft book.

The birthday morning brought a request of oatmeal (a child after her mother's heart) and the gift from her parents. She was very excited to open a "just like me" American girl doll. This birthday gift was a birthday budget buster, so we had made a deal with Ann-Marie...she had been saving her allowance for this very doll (somehow a magazine got sent to our house and she immediately fell in love with the only curly-haired doll in the magazine almost a year ago) we used her allowance as well as some birthday money and we matched her the cost. She has named the doll "Lilly" and has already made the box it came in into a bed. M&M cookies were made for school and a lunch of Macaroni and cheese was for lunch. A simple dinner of pizza is scheduled for tonight, and then the birthday celebrations will be done!


Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Ann Marie. Lizzie and I thought of her while she was in school!!! Sounds like a great birthday celebration.

April Emery said...

my goodness! i cannot believe she is six either! sounds like she had a special 6th birthday! glad i will get to see her tomorrow. she's soooo precious

Linda said...

What a great birthday!!