Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Family Day in Pittsburgh

On Monday, we all went into Pittsburgh for a fun-filled day. Evan attended "Crazy Chemistry" Camp at the Carnegie Science Museum from 9:00 a.m. to 3 p.m. While he was there, we dropped Darrell off at Station Square to get some work done and I took Ann-Marie and Alec to the National Aviary (free admission because we have a FONZ zoo membership!) We found out Mondays are one of the best days to go! We got to see some cool birds, but also participate in story time (all about nests), craft time (make a nest) and "Flights of Fancy"; a really cool show about what birds eat....and the birds fly right over your head!

After a couple hours at the Aviary, we headed back to Station Square to pick up Darrell and have lunch. After lunch, we spent the last couple of hours of our day playing at the science museum.

Evan had a blast at Chemistry camp and the rest of us had a full discovery day! How we love to go into Pittsburgh!

On a side note, Alec went to see the ENT dr. this morning and is scheduled to have tubes put in his ears on April 30th. We'll keep you posted.


Linda said...

I love Ann-Marie's face with the turtle. Too cute!

Helena said...

Hey Paula, do they have a penguin exhibit anywhere up your way? Hannah wants to see some so badly. We can't find any out this way.