Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Revealing - what's new for school.....

After a year of praying, talking, consulting, researching and such, we decided in the Spring that we would go with a non-traditional way to do school in our family. We will be schooling at home with PACyber. Here are our top 10 reasons to go with PACyber:

1. Both school-aged children will be able to self-pace through their curriculum.
2. We want to foster an environment of a lifelong love of learning in our children.
3. The ability to make sure the children are internalizing our family faith and values at this age, so they will be able to better handle peer pressure and mature situation they are faced with when they are older.
4. Travel - the ability to build in travel opportunities for our family with the flexible schedule.
5. Reclaiming family time - with Darrell's job and my fitness job, the hours between after school and bedtime were being lost, which is family time. We can rearrange our day to have family time in the morning because Darrell doesn't necessarily have to go in at a set time in the morning.
6. Embracing opportunities to allow the children to spend more time in their interests and strengths.
7. Experiential learning - we have the opportunity to go on educational field trips multiple times per month.
8. Stronger relationships with our children and fostering the relationships between siblings - easier done with larger chunks of family time.
9. Cost - PACyber is free (it is a public cyber charter school)
10. Choice - lots of extra classes the children would not have gotten from the public school at this level.

So there it is......we said we would try this for one year and see if it fit our family situation better. We are in no way putting down our public school experience....we may be back in the future. We received our materials yesterday and I'm very pleased (and overwhelmed) by the quality and content. We are doing the Calvert curriculum, which is a self-paced curriculum with lots of support we can tap into through PACyber staff. So that's our news, we'll keep you updated.......we'll be starting on Monday, August 24th.


April Emery said...

great post. very insightful! thanks for the thoughts

Linda said...

Good luck Paula. Hope all goes well. We started our homeschooling this past Monday. I have 4 days under my belt. So good! I will pray for you.