Sunday, August 2, 2009

Staycation: Part Two - Point State Park

We decided to show the kids a new area of Pittsburgh yesterday - Point State Park. We had a picnic and sat by the fountain to cool off.
From the website " Pittsburgh" -

"Point State Park, at the tip of Pittsburgh's "Golden Triangle," commemorates and preserves the historic heritage of the area during the French and Indian War (1754 - 1763). Along with the history, Point State Park provides a beautiful 36.4 acre getaway in downtown Pittsburgh with paved riverfront promenades, beautiful views, a 150-foot tall fountain and a large grassy area.

What to Expect:

Point State Park is a National Historic Landmark, and tells the story of Pittsburgh's pivotal involvement in the French and Indian War. Twenty-three monuments, plaques and markers throughout the park commemorate events, people and places of historic importance. If you don't want a history lesson, Point State Park also offers a beautiful place to spend an afternoon, with a paved promenade circling the rivers, a huge fountain for cooling off and beautiful landscaped grounds for strolling.

Point State Park History:

The French-held Fort Duquesne gave them control of the Ohio Valley until a British army, lead by General John Forbes, arrived in 1758. The outnumbered French burned the fort and departed. Soon Fort Pitt was under construction on the same site - the most extensive fortification by the British in the American Colonies.

Fort Pitt had five sides with a bastion (projecting part) on each side. Three bastions from the original fortification have been recreated: the Music Bastion, which has been partially excavated and recreated to reveal part of the original fort's foundation; the Flag Bastion; and the Monongahela Bastion."

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