Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Staycation: part 3 - Kennywood

Our family decided to visit Kennywood park in Pittsburgh. It is an amusement park that was established in 1898. We asked our niece, Analise, to come along and help out so Darrell and I could also ride some rides together (as well as having an extra set of eyes - which was really helpful!) Above, our trusty wagon carries Ann-Marie, Alec and our lunch into the park.
Alec LOVED Kiddieland....there was a miniature ride of most of the popular rides in the park. Here he rode the Lil' Phantom Jr. These little rides made him brave enough to tackle the Jackrabbit roller coaster twice at the end of the day.

We weren't sure how long the kids would last and what rides each would tackle as it was our first family trip to a "real" amusement park. Well, Alec lasted the entire day without many meltdowns (except when we told him to stop to use the restroom!), Ann-Marie rode every ride she was allowed to (which, due to her height, wasn't as many as she would have liked), and Evan did every ride he was allowed to go on (with the exception of the Swingshot - which was we thought was a wise choice to wait another year).

Leaving the park at 9:00 p.m.......ten solid hours of riding!
So, the memories I don't want to excited Alec was about EVERYTHING! Ann-Marie fell in love with the Jackrabbit and was able to ride it three times. How soaked we got on the raging rapids (and yes, I got the most wet!). And finally, the change I see in eight years ago I had this firstborn baby who was an easy, adorable yet timid baby and now is this rambunctious, enthusiastic boy who goes on a roller coaster with his mom! I didn't think the day would come and now it seems like it comes too soon. He made me sit in the second to front seat on the Phantom's Revenge....the whole way I'm screaming my lungs out while he's yelling "Yeah, bring it on, I LOVE THIS!"

This summer has felt like we have transitioned as a family into the next stage.....not having to worry much about nap times and eating schedules and is a little sad to leave that stage behind, but for those of my friends still in it, you'll be here before you know it! Enjoy the ride!

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