Sunday, August 2, 2009

Staycation: Part One - Idlewilde

This week, we were supposed to meet some Maryland friends in Lancaster County, PA and visit DutchWonderland. Due to scheduling conflicts, this had to be we opted for the popular "staycation" instead. So this week, we are doing some local things that the kids want to do.....first up was our annual family trip to Idlewilde. We hadn't visited StoryBook forest for several years since all of the cousins on Darrell's side of the family are well into their teen years and this area is on the outer part of the park. Ann-Marie and Alec had a blast discovering this area.....Evan came along because he had to (he felt he had outgrown StoryBook forest).

The kids trying to pull the sword out of the stone.....the only attraction that Evan wanted to participate in!

We were able to visit the water area for about an hour, before it rained, then onto the rides. Alec rode his first Rollercoaster!

We had fun, and are looking forward to visiting Kennywood in Pittsburgh on Tuesday (if the weather holds!) The kids have never been to Kennywood, so it will be fun for them to discover a new amusement park.

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