Friday, February 1, 2008

Beginner Blogger

Well, we have decided to start a blog. My sister, Sheila, and friend, Denise, make it look so easy; so here it goes! I'm hoping this will help keep all of our wonderful family and friends that are spread out all over the United States and Europe updated on our family happenings. So if you have received an invitation to this blog, we love you and want to keep you updated without filling up your in-box with tons of pictures.

An update on us: The past 10 years of marriage for Darrell and I have taken us on a journey from Italy, to Washington D.C. (specifically Beltsville and Silver Spring, Maryland), and finally on to settling down in Western Pennsylvania, where Darrell is originally from. We have had three wonderful children in seven years: Evan, who will be seven in a couple weeks; Ann-Marie, who is four and a half; and Alec, who is two. Darrell's career has taken him from 20 years of military service in the Air Force to a financial advisor with New York Life Company. Paula's career has taken her from the federal service to a non-profit agency to part-time and currently, working at home.
Now onto current happenings. Evan decided he wanted to do cub scouts this year. He had his pine derby race a couple of weeks ago. He worked hard on his dinosaur car, but was the first to be eliminated (even with $3.00 worth of quarters taped to the car to meet weight standards!) He was such a good sport about it so we were proud of him.


Denise said...

Paula-congrats on a great start...and WOW!!! you mentioned me in your blog...I feel honored! Thanks for putting me on your list..I love to check up on my friends every few days. Congrats to Evan for making a cool looking car, bummer it was eliminated so quickly, but as I remember (from my brother's pine derby race days) MAKING the car and using it later was funner than the actual race itself! Way to go Evan! And way to go Paula on your new blog!

Soppe's said...

Great pics! What a wonderful way to keep everyone updated!