Friday, February 8, 2008

The day of the co-pays

First off, let me say that I thank God that Darrell is retired military and we have Tricare co-pay, which is really low. If we didn't have such good medical insurance, I think we might have to take a loan out for all of our dr. appointments the last two months. Here's an update on the two culprits:

Darrell, since the beginning of the year, has been to our primary dr. twice (maybe three times?), an orthopedic dr., a general surgeon, has had x-rays, a cat scan, and now more blood and urine work - all for mysterious pain in his lower abdomen/upper pelvic region. Still no diagnosis, but we'll keep you posted if something is figured out. He keeps trooping along though, with a good sense of humor.

Ann-Marie, our princess of ear infections, is battling another one. She woke up on Wednesday night crying because of pain in her ear. This was after finishing her antibiotics on Saturday, for an ear infection that we discovered when we took her in for fever/cold symptoms mid-January. So Thursday consisted of going to the Pediatrician, who prescribed stronger antibiotics, going to the pharmacy to pick up the medication, phoning the ENT dr. - who very kindly fit us into his schedule in the afternoon, going to that dr. appointment to be told, "o.k., now I've seen a bad ear, I'll see you in two weeks to discuss our options when her ear clears up." I'm hoping this doesn't turn into our November with her, when she had an ear infections for basically six weeks straight.

Now, if you labored through all of the above information and still are with must really love our family! We will keep you posted. Let me say though, as frustrating as it is with Ann-Marie's ears and Darrell's mysterious pain, we thank God that we are all basically healthy and these seem to be little irritations in this journey of life!

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Denise said...

I hope Darrell can figure out what is causing his pain...that's the worst..NOT knowing! And poor Ann-Marie, has she had tubes in her ears before? And of course, the most pity goes to good old Mommy who gets to hang out with everyone when they're sick, trying to make everyone feel better, wishing she could take the pain on herself so that her wonderful family could feel better...Keep us posted!!!