Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The life of a toddler

The last two days with Alec have been challenging. He is quite the strong-headed little boy. But as intense as he can be, he is also intensely joyful. Yesterday I noticed he was saying "naughty" a lot. He would look at me when he was angry, point his chubby little finger at me, scrunch up his face, and say "NAUGHTY MOMMY!" Well, I guess we're using that word a little too much with him. So I taught him to say, "Smart guy" last night. That's all I've heard today..."Alec Smart Guy!"

I was particularly challenged this afternoon when Evan came home from school. Everyone seemed to need a piece of me and I felt there were no more pieces to be had! So I was sitting with Evan helping him with his homework, feeling my irritation level continually rising, when Alec galloped into the kitchen looking like this:

How does he know when I need a good laugh?

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Denise said...

I'm sooooo glad you were able to step back and laugh at your adorable toddler at the time! That was a hilarious look! I have a temper...so sometimes I have a hard time getting out of my mood long enough to enjoy the cute things (and then regret it later!) Hang in there...in a couple blinks they'll be all grown up!