Saturday, February 23, 2008

This and that

Well, this has been another week of dr. visits for us, so I thought I would update everyone. Of course, I already posted about Evan being sick on his birthday. He has prescription level cough medicine he takes at night, which helps him sleep, but he still has an awful cough during the day. The cough often gives him a headache, so we've been steadily going through the ibuprofin. Thank God for CVS sales....I was able to stock up on the pain relief medicine.
Onto Ann-Marie....she had her follow-up visit with the ENT dr. on Thursday. She is scheduled to have tubes put in both of her ears on April 3rd. We are hoping that this will provide relief to her as she has had several ear infections this winter, most lasting weeks and weeks on end.

Alec is showing off his new haircut. Both boys get their haircut about every three months and they go to a man that used to cut Darrell's hair in Ellwood City. This was only Alec's third haircut and he's pretty proud of it this time. So onto Alec....we had a playdate with a couple of Ann-Marie's friends on Wednsday, since she didn't have preschool. The next day their mom called and said one of the boys had strep, so we were exposed. Thursday night, Alec woke up in the middle of the night screaming in pain and hitting the side of his head. Onto the dr. again on Friday, which revealed a double ear infection and strep! Poor guy.
So this is what we did for and popcorn night! Not a bad way to spend a icy, slushy, sick evening in.....but we are really looking forward to SPRING!

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Denise said...

Oh, I feel for your family! I hope everyone is feeling better! A good popcorn and movie night always helps the mood...especially for exhausted parents...hang in there!